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Debit and Credit Card Fraud – The Frequently Asked Questions

Debit and credit card fraud is inconvenient for members and costly for all businesses. As your financial partner, we are committed to helping you try to prevent fraud. If fraud does occur, we’ll be there for you then as well.

Does it have something to do with the card?

No. HHCU debit and credit cards are neither more, nor less, likely to be involved with fraud. Fraud occurs outside of financial institutions with few exceptions. If your card number is among those collected in data breaches, you are at risk, regardless of who you have chosen as your financial partner.

How does HHCU protect me?

In most cases, we detect fraud even before you notice it has occurred. When this happens, we will call or text members to verify transactions. If we confirm they are fraudulent, we will deactivate your card to prevent further loss. We will then initiate a card replacement and help you through the process of recovering lost funds.

Make sure to keep your contact information up to date with us, so we can reach you as quickly as possible.

How do I best prevent fraud?

  • Do not store your card information on a retailer site. It can be more convenient for making purchases, but when you leave the information behind, you are vulnerable should that retailer be the target of the next data breach.
  • When you shop online, make sure the website is secured. This is indicated with an https:// url prefix, or a lock in the corner of your browser. If your computer has been compromised by spyware, however, these measures may not protect you.
  • When possible, don’t let your card out of sight at restaurants. When the card is taken away from your table for processing, you lose control over who sees your information.
  • Give the card reader a tug. External skimmers placed on card readers at ATMs and gas stations are designed to be removed quickly and can often be detected manually.
  • Cover the PIN pad when you enter your numbers. Skimmer mechanisms often include surveillance of the pin pad for easy access to your funds.
  • CardValet is a free card management tool offered by Hoosier Hills Credit Union that allows you to control your cards from your phone. You can set geographic limits and turn your cards on and off with a click.
  • Stay in the know. We post known local scams to our social media accounts as they are discovered. We also make frequent updates to our Fraud Center and the HHCU Blog.

Fraudulent Phone Call Alert

Please be aware that fraudulent telephone calls are being made by an unknown entity portraying themselves as HHCU. Please remain vigilant and do not disclose personal identifying information. As a reminder, HHCU will NEVER ask you to disclose your PIN number.

To verify a phone call, or if you have received this phone call and have disclosed personal information, please contact us by phone at 800.865.2612, email us at, or notify your local Service Center.