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Hoosier Hills CU Mobile

Free - On the App Store


Hoosier Hills CU Mobile

Free - On the App Store

Better Banking

Online/Mobile Banking Upgrade Coming June 17th

Prepare for the upgrade

Make sure your email and phone number are up to date. Click “Settings” in Online or Mobile Banking.

​Update Now

Online and Mobile Banking Upgrade

An upgrade to your Online and Mobile Banking experience is coming soon! In addition to the features you already enjoy, this technology upgrade gives you many more options and more convenience.

What do I need to do to prepare?

Ensure your email and phone number are currently up to date. You can do this now within Settings in either Online or Mobile Banking. For more information about the upgrade, click on the questions box below.

Make sure to note your username and password. It’s easy to forget when you are accustomed to logging in with your thumbprint or Face ID!

Android Mobile Banking users will need to download our new app from the Google Play store on June 17th or after. Members who use Apple phones and have auto updates enabled will receive the upgrade automatically.

For Our Commercial Members

We are delivering a new Commercial Online/Mobile Banking platform built for the way you do business. Head to our Commercial Online Banking page to learn about features included just for you!

  • See all your accounts in one convenient view. No more juggling multiple usernames!
  • Make payments to anyone, no matter where they have their account, with People Pay.
  • Access your account information with an Apple Watch.
  • Easily dispute unauthorized charges online.
  • Update multiple subscriptions at once with CardSwap.